Canon 650D DSLR’s suitability for video

My video cameras are becoming obsolete, as only the Sony is capable of HDV, and that at 1440 x 1080 resolution.

So my first-choice video camera is now my ‘stills camera’ the Canon 650D DSLR.


Review at

Benefits include a range of lens choices, inc. the kit 18-55mm zoom, a 50mm prime, 75-300mm ultrasonic zoom, and my quirky lensbaby tilt-shift. Knowing that the lens system is unlikely to become outdated encourages spending on filters and accessories.

My video cameras allowed up to 90 mins per tape continuous recording – pretty good for live music with only one or two changes needed. For the Canon I have bought a fast 64GB SD card but may still limited to 22mins according to the review site – test to follow…

The Canon allows me to swap between PAL at 25fps or NTSC at 30fps – video cameras usually are less accommodating.

  • In PAL mode my resolution options are 1920 x 1080 at 25fps or 24fps; 1280×720 at 50fps or 640 x 480fps at 25fps.
  • In NTSC mode my resolution options are 1920 x 1080 at 30fps or 24fps; 1280×720 at 60fps or 640 x 480fps at 30fps.

Sound is a problem, the built in mics are poor and you can hear distracting handling and lens zoom sounds.There is a 3.5mm stereo mic input so I am looking to add a separate mic.


I like the idea of this Polaroid stereo mic that lets you point the left and right mics independently but reviews are less than stellar.

Rode seem flavour of the year but I want to research other acclaimed brands such as Sennheiser before investing. Zoom produce a standalone which can be mounted on the camera.

If money was no object I might be tempted by this

To make video more practical I have bought a power supply and spare battery.



Celtx projects

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Project ideas

Students completed posting their project ideas to this Padlet – all have now decided with one or two amending their proposals today. We have one group of four, a pair and the rest are working solo. There is scope for ad-hoc partnerships, for example Michael and Josh are both independently reviewing Dark Souls 3…

branding the blogs/webisodes

Students encouraged to individually brand their blogs and video productions – those working in groups are welcome to share the source footage but should create their own, branded final productions.

Issues with installing fonts – workarounds with screen captures or by installing on laptop and creating outlined vectors to style.